Thursday, May 24, 2012

Clever Links: May 24, 2012

Just look at that window: summer's finally here! Warm and sunny days, dresses to wear, trips to make, ... I souldn't be sitting behind a desk and working. Not with this weather. But hey, you've got to make some money if you want to go on a trip! So that's how I end up in a really hot office (no airco) on a beautiful day like today. A day that calls for some summery DIY!

For starters, I've got this link for you. I know it's a bridal site, but still. Don't you think the polaroidwall-idea would be ideal with this kind of weather for a party? You could use it for an anniversary, marriage-jubilee, ... some milestones in your history! Instead of an guestbook, you could offer those cards to your guest while they take a  picture of themselves. That way you'll have something to remember your party the way your guest remember them: fun, thrilled, happy, ...

Like I said before: Summer is finally here! That means dresses, skirts, tops and those cute sandals! But we're still missing something here, aren't we? Excactly, we're missing some embellishments! Hop on over to Freckles in April and learn how you can make your very own Morse Code Necklace! It looks really, really cool and fun to make!

Eline from Eline S. has a little DIY on how to personalize your storage jars. The only things you'll need are jars, blackboard paint and a brush. And you know the fun part? Blackboard paint is available in a range of colors! So you can make your cupboard as colorful as you like or just keep it sec and to the point.

Morse Code Necklace
Storage jars

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