Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More patterns

Today, my order from Sewaholic Patterns arrived! Jippie! At this rate, I'll be sewing all of my free time for a couple of years. All those new patterns I bought recently are sure going to keep me busy. If I stick to my One-Garment-A-Month-challenge, I will be sewing these patterns for 25 months! And that's not even counting all those clothes I want to make from Knipmode or Burda! Do you guys have the same problem? Wanting to make all these beautiful clothes, but just not having the time for it? Perhaps I should make 2 a month or so, because if I know myself, there's sure to come a whole lot more patterns in the following 25 months!

But let's get back on today's subject: This time I did take a picture of the package the way it arrived. An envelope with a nice stamp from Sewaholic. There were 3 patterns inside: the Cambie Dress, Renfrew Top and Minoru Jacket. No doubt you've already heard from these patterns (because I mentioned them a couple of days ago.). And if you haven't, be sure to check it out! I'm telling you, it won't be wasted time! Not only her patterns are nice and interesting, so is her blog. She gives you a lot of tips and tricks that help you become a better seamstress!

The envelope
Contents of the envelope
Contents of the pattern

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