Sunday, May 13, 2012

Newest addition

It won't be long before I'm a real pattern collecter! A few weeks back, I bought 23 new patterns form Vogue/McCall's/Butterick. But still I couldn't surpress the urge to buy some more beautiful patterns. Last week, I purchased some patterns from 2 different shops. One of them was from Sewaholic - click here to see the post - and the other one is from Backstitch.

I have to tell you guys that I don't even remember how I came along Backstitch. i just stumbled upon it and now I'm a fan. They have tons of cute patterns just shouting to me: 'Pick me! Pick me!' Since I recently bought so many new patterns, I only allowed myself to buy 1 pattern. After some arguing with myself over various patterns, the Banksia Top from Megan Nielsen Patterns was the lucky one! Only because it had that Peter Pan-collar I recently started to like.

The store itself is in the UK, so everything is in English with English measurements or American measurements. Since I'm not a native English-speaker, that's something to consider. Luckily, after my experience with the Vogue pattern, language isn't such a big deal. But what I really want to talk about - instead of the language tha pattern is written in - is the way they designed their pattern envelope! its just breathtaking, if you ask me! It really appaeled to me and I was curious at what to expect from the contents. It kept amazing me: inside there was a little booklet with instructions instead of the well-known folded paper! A real booklet with clear instructions, inpiration to alter the pattern, ... But what was really interesting were the last few pages.

On these last pages you can note what you altered, what you liked, ... You can even put a sample of the fabric you used inside it! It just has everything to help you writing everything down for later so you can copy it again, or even perfect it. How marvelous is that?! Oh, and it even has a few blank pages for you to fill in any way you like! I'm encanted by the way they present their patterns. Really amazing and original.

I've been going on and on about how they present their pattern, but I haven't told you much about the pattern itself, have I? Well, let me correct that! It's a top with a Peter Pan-collar. Ever since I've seen them popping up on the blogs I follow, I wanted one. A top or dress with a Peter Pan-collar. Now I finally can make myself one! And using this pattern, I'll be able to alter other patterns and add that beautiful Peter Pan-collar! Just look at these pic's and you'll be amazed too!


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