Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flowers, Cans and Thoughts

Just look at these beautiful flowers my Other Half gave me last week. Aren't they beautiful? Sunflowers are so adorable! Especially with these not-so-sunny days we've had the last couple of weeks. But now I don't need the sun, because I have my very own sun(flower) in my home.


With such stunning flowers I didn't have a joice but to get creative. So that's what I did, not only on a sewing level. I came across this picture on Pinterest. Instantly inspired I decided to go shopping. Not the usual shopping I do, but I went shopping for spraypaint. To be honoust: I used a lot of spraypaint to get a nice, evencoated look. But you'll have to admit that the results are stunning:

The color is called 'champagne' but I find it more like a rich cream color. I'm just absolutely in love with these! They used to be a bunch of non-matching cans who were beautiful by its own, but horrible if you put them togheter. Now they match up in color and the different styles and sizes let me recognize what's inside it. And you can do this with just the cans you get when you buy tea, cookies, snacks,... and give them a new purpose. Yep, I'm really into dying these little things!

Last but not least: a sewing-update. Actually I was hoping that I could show you a finished dress. But unfortunatly, faith decided otherwise. Everything fitted very well, but I just needed to adjust the darts. Nothing big really. But instead of solving the problem, it became bigger. Litterally. At the tip of the dart was a bump. A huge bump. Instead of following my curves, it gave me more. Not really something I wanted.

So that had to be altered. Again. Last night it was half past 11pm when my Saviour and I finally drew the last hand at the altered pattern. So today or tomorrow, I'll hopfully have a brand new dress to show to you!

That's it for today. Enjoy the sun while it's shining!

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