Monday, July 9, 2012

Clever Links: July 9, 2012

Here we are: it's time to give you a heads up on tips and tricks to alter a garment. Listed below, I've found a couple of links wich I found really useful, so I decided to share them with you. Because there are so many, these links will be posted over a post or two, so make sure you check again on wednesday.

First of all - and I just hàd to show you guys - I've found thé invention of the year: How to make your very own biais-tape in a jiffy. I've tried it myself already and just absolutely adore it! How I ever managed those tapes before is a mistery. This is soooooo easy! Be sure to check out this lady's blog.

Men like to sew to. Peter Lapin prooves this with his blog. His tutorial on how to attach a hook-and-eye to your shorts/pants is just pure gold! I haven't tried it yet, though, but I have a short planned on my sewing-to-do-list, so I'll definatly put it to good use.

For those who are into vintage-patterns and who like to actually sew those patterns, I've got a tip on how to choose the right size. The way they graded patterns back then and nowadays is totally different, but this little post shows you what you have to do to get a good head start. So, if you own a vintage 1950's or earlier or a retro 1960's or later pattern, try it out.

Those invisible zippers, don't you just hate sewing them in your dress or skirt? I know I don't like it. Not because the zippers aren't good or something like that, but they're just so darn hard to sew correctly! Now, I came across this little tutorial to make a lapped zipper. Seems much easier than the invisible zipper and I think I'll give it a shot. Just so I don't have to sew-in that irritatable invisible zipper. Hop on over to the tutorial and be enlightend!


Vintage Patterns
Lapped zipper

Even though this is the end of this post, I still have the following to share with you in the next post: tulip sleeves, drafting a pattern from a t-shirt, ... Come back on wednesday and these little mysteries will be revieled!

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