Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The busy days ... (part 1)

Just a few more days and those busy, fully stocked days are over! It's been almost a month since I last posted something on the blog. So, it's about time I let you guys know I'm alive and well. You have to have a bit more patience to see the dress from july and august. Not because I don't want you guys to see it, but because I'm going to wear one of them to the wedding of a friend and haven't decided yet wich one. Next week will be the 'big reveal' of both dressen! But: I do have a couple of really lovely pictures from the last couple of weeks.

We had our bachelorette-party the first weekend of august. We really kept it nice and didn't do the really gross or not-so-funny-for-the-bride stuff. This makes it more memorabele for her and for us. Ofcourse, the 'obligated' amounts of alcohol were involved, but we didn't force anyone to drink more then they wanted. Even if that meant they didn't drink at all. Like I said: it had to be fun for everyone.

The Bride-to-Be
We started with 6 persons, but alas, one was already feeling a bit down from the beginning and had to leave our party after a day. I really feel sorry for her that she didn't get to enjoy everything, but health goes first! Even though we had fun with just the 5 of us. A drink on the beach here, a dinnerdate there, a performance like this and a quiz like so. Yeps, we did have a good time!

We wore my selfmade banners all weekend long
 For most of us, this was the very first time to participate in a bachelorette-party, so we just had to fling it until it was - what we felt like - right. We did some internet searching and asking other people we know, and we did a good job. Although I would change a few things next time we (or I) have to organize one. For instance, I wouldn't choose for a whole weekend of partying. I'd opt for just one night/day of fun. But that's about it, for changes!

Ofcourse, the subject 'babies' made it's entry

It really was a super nice weekend with the ladies and a good start of a busy holiday, but that's something I'll fill you in later.

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