Monday, September 3, 2012

Sorrow and opportunities

Last night my sister left. My 'little' sister, 3 years my junior, is going on Erasmus in Finland. Erasmus is a European project in wich you can go and study in another country for a few months onto a year. 4 Long months I'll miss my best friend with whom I shared all my thoughts, doubts, secrets, happiness. Yes, there is skype and e-mail and internet and a bunch of other stuff to keep in touch with. Still, it's not the same as sitting together 'till the dark of night, discussing this or that. My feelings are simular to when my Other Half went on his mission. There's just one thing different: back then I had so much sorrow I couldn't even cry when he left (it took me a couple of days). I was just numb with feeling. Yesterday I was able to cry, so I cried my heart out. Because in all these years we've never been apart by that distance for such a long time.

Even though it hurts to see her leave for a couple of months, I'm one of her most fervent encouragers to take the trip. It'll be such an enriching, life-changing event that she'll regret if she didn't do it when she got the chance. I hope she has the time of her life, with the parties of her life, making new friendships, doing everything she wants to do. Because if there is one thing she can make up for all of this heartbreak, it's to have fun and never regret the decision.

You can all follow her blog - just like me - and learn her story. How the parting went with friends, family and partner, how life and studying over there is compared to home. The shorter days, the culture shock, the other way of life. Keep your thumbs up for my little big sister who's exploring her world. She might be my little sister, but she's a young, competent, willfull, strong woman whom I deeply respect. So, Sushi: Let those Finns know who we, Belgians, are!

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