Friday, December 14, 2012

Even more patterns

It seems I just can't help myself: I keep buying patterns I like to sew, even though if I would make 1 pattern each month, I would be sewing for the nest 3,5 years, without these latest patterns. But just look at them, too beautiful to let go! They were $0,99 a piece. I ordered them back in september. The first 4 arrived in november and the day before yesterday I recieved another 3. So the last one is still on his way from the US to my destination. Still, I could wait to show you!
They're not all clothing patterns. Since my other half and I are planning to live together in the near future, I thought Butterick 3877 would be a great addition to my collection. Oh, and ever since Gertie talked about her corset, I decided to make my own corset in my own good time. So, I went ahead and bought a 'simple' pattern to get familiar with all the techniques.
Butterick 3877
Butterick 5425

Butterick 5520
Butterick 5682

Butterick 5813
Butterick 5814

Butterick 5824

Simplicity 9769

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