Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration

First of all: sorry that this post didn't went up on the same time as the dutch one.

Curious how things are going with the househunt? So far, it looks promising, but nothing that really catched and kept our interest. Until we find our place to call home, I'll just roam some more on Pinterest. Today I'll show you the inspiration for my living room. There is lots more, but this is a good start:
An original idea to decorate your tv-area. You don't need a TV-cabinet; this is waaaay cuter!
Problems with a small wallarea? Is it a lost space? No problem, take the image above and you'll have a classy space in no-time. The color combination is also something I adore.
Another something to decorate with: stones painted with blackboard paint.

This inspiration picture has 3 inspirations hidden. First up are the colors. Just lovely! But I also love the way the pictures are displayed. You don't need to nail dozens of nails in your wall and you can alter the way how you display your pictures in a snap. Third are those white shelves. I just adore them! i hope I can find something similar to put in our living room.

When you don't have a lot of room, but you want to incorporate different area's, you could decorate in a different way. Just look at the picture above: you get extra storage space and two different 'rooms'. You don't have to use a high one like this, something half it's size would do the trick as well! Oh, and here's another idea: if the back of your sofa isn't directed to the wall, you can put the cabinet/bookcase/... at the backside of your sofa. Extra storage space without loosing too much room.
Another great idea is pictured above: before you hang any (picture) frames, just cut the shape out in paper and hang them in the desired order. A plus with this technique: you can immediatly see where you have to put the nail to hang everything at the right distance. 

Ok, I know this isn't a living room but a bedroom. but the colors used in this room are devine! Light, airy and cozy: that's what I want for my living room!

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