Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Alma Blouse³

Owwww yesss: the third Alma is a fact! After the purple and flower Alma I made myself another one. The previous two had alterred shorter sleeves, but I decided I wanted one with longer sleeves, like the original pattern. Not the easiest to wear beneath a pull, but the longer sleeves are ideal when it's too cold for a simple top but too warm to wear a pull/sweater. And if you just wear an undersweater (sorry, literally translated because I don't know the translation. Here's a picture of what I mean), it's perfect for those spring days or warm winterdays.

Besides that I adore Sewaholic's pattern, I haven't much to tell you. After all, it's the third one to magically appear beneath my sewing machine. But I do have some other news to share with you! For starter, I won a pattern with a give-away! It's the first time I actually win something, so I'm thrilled! When the pattern arrives, I'll make sure to take a picture and post it.

And there is more good news. We haven't found an appartment yet, so I bought me something to look forward to. Something selfish. Something I wanted to have the moment I learned that it would be published. I'm talking about Gerties New Book for Better Sewing! I bought it! Ooooooh, I just can't wait 'till it arrives! Where I'm going to find the time to sew all those new patterns of late, I don't know. But rest assured: I'll sew them, allright!

For Christmas, we have this little tradition in our family of picking the person you have to buy a present for thru a Secret Santa-system (although they never stey secret for long). My niece bought the dutch version of Famous Frocks for me! How well she knows me! So I got myself 2 new sewingbooks and 9 new patterns these last few weeks! I'm the pattern-collecter kind of seamstress. :-D