Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Won a pattern

After many-a-give-away, it was finally my turn to win something! It's a pattern from a  give-away at So, Zo. Zoë is a great seamstress with a knack for marine-themed clothing. Just go and have a look on her site, you won't be dissappointed!

To be honest, I've already spoken of her. She's the brains behind the pattern that I used for this singlet. The best part? It's a free pattern! It's very simple and wether you want to wear an extra layer in wintertimes or just one layer on those hot summer days, this pattern is deffinatly the one you're looking for! It's simple, easy and perfect for a first encounter with sewing knits.

But, back to business: the pattern I won is the Alma Wiggle Skirt from Eliza M. My very first pencil skirt! I've been wanting to make this kind of skirt for a while, but just didn't find the right pattern. It's simple and I bet there are dosens of pencil skirt patterns, but not one fitted my bill. When I came across Eliza M.'s site, all of that changed. She has also other terrific patterns. Anyway, I don't know when I'll be sewing this pattern, but I guess it'll take a while, just keeping in mind all those patterns I bought recently, but haven't had the time to sew them!
De Wiggle Skirt

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