Friday, February 8, 2013

Catching up

Life can get away with you: househunting, work, events, holidays, ... These last couple of weeks were full of them. I didn't spend much time on the internet for my leisure, let alone to write a blogpost. Today I decided I had enough of it. I wanted to write something, so I downloaden the Blogger-app. Now I can post something everywhere: on the bus, train, car, on a holiday, ... whenever I feel like it. These mobile posts won't be very long, or at least, I think they won't be, but none the less they'll have something to enlighten you.

I don't really have something sewingrelated to share with you. In january there hasn't been a lot of sewing, just some much needed repairs and nothing more. Instead, I started knitting. And I can't knit as fast as I can sew. Nobody can, I believe. So far, I've finished 1 pair of socks and am halfwag thru the next pair. Nice, warm socks for walking around the house :-)

Aside from knitting and househunting, I went to Brussels with my OH. Originally we were just going to the 'holidaysalon'. That's an event where travel agencies try to promote there holidays and sell them to you. We went for information and ideas. As soon as it got too crowded, we left. Untill then, I never visited the Atomium - something every Belgian has to do, since the Atomium is one of Belgium's best known symbols. Because we had time to spare, we decided to visit the Atomium. I have to say that the outside is impressive, but the inside dissappointed me a bit. It's a bit less.... shiny. The view from the top sfere is stunning. You can see the Palace Gardens, the Palace, Brussels Expo, ... It was definatly worth it! I even remembered to take (mobile) pictures, even though I didn't have my camera with me.
The Atomiumspheres
Inside the elevator on our way to the top sphere.
A stairway to another sphere.
View at Brussels Expo from the top Sphere.

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