Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ribbed Socks

Ok, ok. Technically this isn't sewing, but it's still creating something. This one I made out of a single thread instead of a cloth. None the less, a new 'garment' was born! So, even though it isn't really sewing related, I think that it's worth mentioning. If you're here looking for something I sewed: last week I made 2 dresses. But one is at my Other Half's home and the other is with my sister's other half. So untill I can get some decent pictures from it, you won't see it here.

Oh, and I have a confession to make: the really cold winter months are back. After sewing for 3 years I noticed that I don't sew as much during the winter as I do when it's summer. Instead, I turn to knitting. Simply because my sewing-/junkroom hasn't got a heater. Also, because we'll be moving this april I doubt that I'll be sewing that much these next few weeks. Sometimes life just gets in your way :-)

So: my new socks. Recently I showed you my very first knitted pair of socks. I made a second pair and plan to make a third one (yellow, I'm telling you: Yellow!). I used Glenna C.'s A Nice Ribbed Sock. Instead of using 3 double pointed needles (DPN), I knitted with circular needles, EU size 3. Much easier that DPN and less fiddling around, if you ask me!

Oh, and for those interested: you can read everything about in on my Ravelry page.

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