Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A little cardigan for a dress

Like I mentioned yesterday, I've been busy whilst not blogging. One of my newest finished profects is this cardigan. Originally it was at least 15 cm (6") longer, but I changed that. De reason for changing it is that I bought this cardigan with it's sole purpose to be worn with dresses. Unfortunately it just didn't suit the dresses. It looked like the dress suddenly poofed from beneath, instead of a smooth transition. So that's why I decided to crop it a bit. Now its soooo much better than the original! By the way: this was my first time with sewing knits. It isn't that hard after all, especially when you have the opportunity to finish the seams with an overlocker. Just put a stretchneedle on your machine, choose a stretchstitch and voila, that's it!

The second cardigan - some model, different color - will also be alterred, same way as it's lighter version: I'll cut about 15 cm (6") out between the bottom and buste (that way I can use that nice finished bottom), take it 1,5cm (1/2") in at the waist [6 cm (2 3/8") in total], tapering to 0 right below the armpit. 

Conclusion? A simpel but oh-so-necessary project!

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