Monday, October 19, 2015

The Chinese Blouse

These last couple of months, I've been trying to keep my Vintage Pledge: sewing 3 pieces of clothing from a real or repro-vintage pattern. Gertie's Bow-Tied Blouse isn't really a reproduction or real vintage pattern, but because of the influences and detailing, I'm of a mind to categorize this as a Vintage.

When wearing, the back isn't as
crinkly as the picture

First and foremost: I don't love this pattern, I adore it! I love the detailing and the 50's vibe of the pattern. Because of my fabric choice, it feels more like a Chinese inspired garment than vintage inspired, but non the less, I love it. I'm of a mind to make a lot more of these: they are comfy, easy to wear to work. They can be worn tucked in a skirt or pants or over one. What I like about this one, when tucked in, is that it doesn't really bulks at the middle and simply stays put. All my other blouses tend to make extra bulk at the waist because of the movement. This one's different.

Bound buttonhole on the outside

Regular buttonhole on the inside
Yes, I was being lazy....

Now, for the technical part: I measured between sizes 6 (waist) and 8 (bust), so I cut out 8. Even though I have enough oumpff at the front and a 'tiny' waist considering bust and hips, I only had to alter for my sway back and realign the bust darts. I took out 2,5cm on the back panel at the back seam around the waist (sway back), realigned the bust dart 2cm downward and 1cm longer. I also added an extra button at the bottom. I did make the bow-tie that comes with it, but I didn't really like it. The tie just didn't want to stay horizontal, so I ditched it.

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