Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Out-Of-Season Orla

On my birthday, I wish to share this wonderful creation with you: A while ago, I received Tilly and the Buttons' newsletter announcing their latest make. I instantly knew I had to have it. That collar! To die for! I was in love with it and couldn't wait to make one. Even though I had recently bought a lot (a.i. about 20-30 or so) of vintage patterns, I just couldn't be bothered with it until I was able to finish this one. SO far for my Vintage Pledge I made this year. Newsflash: I'm not going to make it. Last time I could justify it as Vintage, but this one doesn't come close, so...

The Orla comes in two versions: one with a cropped sleeve and one with full sleeves. There's also th option of the Snowdrop collar, regular collar or no collar at all. The back is also an eye-catcher thanks to it's exposed zipper. The back is also slightly longer than the front, resulting in a nice and flattering drape that keeps you from flashing something you don't want to show. The more details and depending on your choice of fabric, the more it'll catch the eye - or not, if you choose a simpler version. Long story short: I love this blouse!

When comparing sizes, it turned out I'm between size 4 and 5. 4 at the waist and 5 at the bust and hips. One of the adjustments I always have to make, is the one for my petite figure: the waist was 2cm longer than mine! This adjustment proved to be a difficult one, since I had to reshape the French dart. After a lot of fiddling around, I managed to get it right. After that, I altered the side seams: 4 at the waist, tapering out to 5 at the bust and hips. I also reduced the sleeve length by 5,5cm. If not, it would tough below my elbows. Not a pretty sight. Petite posture, lots of work. :-)

Next time I make this, I'll be cutting 1,5cm from the top of the shoulders. Right now it's doable, but just a tab bit too big to be perfect. All in all: this is a very cute blouse that I will no doubt make again! The only downpart of this version: I made it in a light, summery fabric and it's getting winter! that's why it's Out-Of-Season.

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