Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Vintage Pledge 2015 Wrap-up

In Januari I made myself a Vintage Pledge. During this past year, the Pledge had changed a little because it turned out it wasn't really manageable yet. I hadn't sewn a real vintage pattern, so I didn't know what I got myself into. The original Pledge stated that I had to make at least 3 pieces of clothing out of real Vintage Patterns. I ended up changing that in real Vintage or Vintage Inspired patterns.

The Tartan Circle Skirt and the Tartan Capelet
With 2 weeks left, I sticked to my Vintage Pledge and made 5 pieces: In october there was the Chinese Blouse, in November the out-of-season Orla and in December there were 3: The Tartan Circle Skirt, the Tartan Capelet and the White Christmas Blouse.

The Chinese Blouse
The Witte Kerst-blouse
The Circle Skirt is a classic. You don't need a pattern to make one and cannot go more 50's than this. So I made this one from scratch. The matching Capelet is nothing more than another circle skirt, but smaller. They used to be really 'hot' back in the day. Just watch my Pinspiration-board. The Chinese Blouse and White Christmas-Blouse were both based on 50's fashion. The same goes for the out-of-order Orla: a vintage vibe and fabulous collar! One 'to die for'!

The Orla Blouse

I will definitely participate in next year's Pledge, but then I'll be better prepared: This past year I've collected at least 32 Vintage patterns. I already selected one of them and chose the fabric and notions. Now all I need to do is get the pattern out, adjust it and voilà. (sounds simple, but alas). 2016 will be a Vintage year!

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