Monday, April 11, 2016

Mailorder #9005: The Blouse

My very first #VintagePledge2016 is complete! Only 2 more to go, and I've reached my goal for this year. The previous post I blogged about the skirt, which wasn't too bad, but I just couldn't see myself wearing it without altering it. The blouse however is magnificent. I love the little splits to the front and the overall cut. I'm definitely going to make another version of this one! Perhaps a plain one, with the bows added.

As my second make from one vintage pattern this doesn't count as a second make of my Vintage Pledge, but part of a first make. I didn't have to do a lot of alterations: just omitted the seam allowance and moved the waist up a bit, because it hit too low. While sewing the blouse, I also left the side seams open. Partially because I liked it better that way and partially because otherwise I wouldn't be able to put it on. For the same reason I didn't put in an invisible zipper, but some hook-and-eyes. This way I could open up the side all the way to the bottom and put the blouse on.

I didn't need to alter the pattern a lot. I only adjusted the waist so it would hit my natural waist and I omitted the seam allowances. Aside from that I left the sides open to mimic the front, for 2 reasons. First of I liked it better that way and secondly I simply couldn't get it on if I didn't. Because of this last reason I decided against a zipper and put in some hook-and-eyes. This way I could open up the side and put the blouse on. Even though I was a bit wary about the hook-and-eyes opening all by itself, everything stays perfectly closed and nothing is flashing that wasn't meant to be. I used hook-and-eyes because I couldn't find an invisible zipper that opens up at the front. AND with writing this, I just had an epiphany: I just needed to put the zipper upside down and voila! Problem solved :)

This is a blouse I'm definitely going to make again. I simply love the way it looks, even with this wearable muslin. I liked it so much I wore it for Easter with pride!

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