Saturday, May 28, 2016

Finished Project: Summer Red Velvet Dress

It's been a while since I made Cake Patterns' Red Velvet Dress. However, it's about time I got to another version of this awesome dress. I've been craving an easy summer dress that I can just put on when I want to go for casual. As it seems, all my dresses in my closet are work proof. The previous version had to be discarded because I chose the wrong fabric.

So when I went shopping for some knitting en embroidery bag fabric, I also had this one in mind. This time I really considered the weight of the fabric, not only the stretch of it. I have to admit it, though - even while sewing this dress - I was worried that the fabric would still be too heavy and sag around the shoulders and distort the whole look.

But the fabric proofed to be the perfect choice for this casual project. As you can see I still needed to do the hemming at this point. Hurray for more cake in my closet!

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