Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Christmas Dress 2017

For those of me who don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram: Merry Christmas!

So last week I suddenly decided that I needed a new Christmas Dress this year. After making a Christmas outfit 2 years ago, I really got into it. My husband even said that he liked my tradition of making a new Christmas Outfit every year! The funny thing is that I didn't even realize it had become something of a 'thing' for me to sew an outfit for Christmas.

So last Friday I went through my stash in search of a suitable pattern. Before long, I came across Butterick B6018, a vintage reproduction of a dress that was very popular in 1966 - according to a lady on social media. My previous experiences with repro patterns weren't very good, so I asked around on FB before making it. Surprisingly though, the fit was pretty spot-on from the first round of sewing!

Before I made my wearable muslin (to be posted on the blog), I took 2cm out of the back and shortened the skirt 2 cm (7/8") and did a sway back alteration (-2cm/-7/8" at the center back at the waist, located in the back-skirts in this pattern). After making my muslin, I took another 10 cm off the skirt and sewed a 1cm (3/8") hem instead of the required 5cm (2") hem. I also reshaped the shoulders by taking 1,5cm (5/8") off the bodice front and back at the shoulders, tapering to 0 mid-shoulder.

I'm in love with this pattern. It came together pretty quick and had a really nice silhouette. It is a figure-flattering classic, not too tight in the waist. It features a zipper at the left side, per instructions this is a normal zipper, but I made an invisible one out of it.  Even though I didn't have to make any alterations as to the size, it would be very easy to do so. Even though I love it, I only would make it again when this Christmas Dress has had it's time or when the wearable muslin is in need of replacement.

Oh, and before I forget: the fabric used for this one is a dark blue satin for the bodice and underskirt. The topskirt is made out of a see through polyester fabric, but I forgot how it was called.

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