Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Western Wedding Dress

So, last January we received an invitation to the wedding of one of my hubby's colleagues. There theme was Country/Western. Though I loved the theme (I do own cowboy boots and a Stetson), I was at a loss as to what dress to wear. The wedding was in the first few days of march, which could be warm or still very cold. But I set my mind on a dress and was determined to wear a dress, no matter what. Since I sew, I had a majority of options. But still...

 I was torn between having a nice and festive dress and a themed dress as requested. Because I didn't know whether others would follow the dresscode, I wanted to make sure that I looked festive enough. And if everyone was indeed following the dresscode, I wanted it to look on par. After many - and I do mean many - thoughts, I knew what dress I wanted to wear. But I hadn't decided on the fabric yet. So I went fabric shopping in my own closet and dig up this beauty. Two years ago I made one of my favorite dresses with this fabric - look here

As for the pattern: this was the third time I used Jennifer Lauren's Laneway Dress (v.1 and v.2) as my go to pattern. Since I already made it a few times before and altered it, I didn't need to alter anything this time. For this version, I went with the Centered Collar and added no pockets. I was thinking of adding the pockets, but decided against it due to the fabric I chose. This fabric has a bunch of little threads that give it a more textured look. The threads lay fairly loose on the fabric, so I was afraid it would start to unravel when I would routinely put my hands in and out (rings, bracelets, watches, ...). I had that happen with this dress and I need to make that one again (already cut it out again).

So I paired this dress with my cowboyboots and really liked it. I had a blast at the wedding and so did the newly-weds.

One of my favorite details on this pattern: The release pleats! They're flattering and almost always hit your bust at the right spot! No need to keep altering the darts untill it fits just right. That's a winner for me (and a true vintage detail, BTW).

Oh, and look at this cute thingy I handsewed on the dress :D

PS: most people respected the Dresscode and some even outdid themselves!

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