Monday, April 9, 2018

A poofy Winter Skirt

So, after I made the Blue Winter Dress, I was inspired to make a poofy skirt out of the same fabric. When I bought the fabric, I bought 4m (+4 yards) because I didn't know what exact type of dress I wanted to make. So I had more than enough for 2 dresses if I wanted to.

Inspired, I went looking for a skirt pattern that I first made in 2011: McCall's5591 . I loved the style but I wasn't a confident sewist back then. At first, I forgot to underline or line the skirt and it was a bit see thru. I also didn't add pockets because I was afraid of it. Fast forward 7 years later, and I'm glad I didn't attempted those pockets back then. Man, they would've been a pain in the ass. They were now! The problem with these pockets are the plackets. I love the detail they give to the dress, but I put them on, ripped them off, put them on again and again for at least 6 or 7 times. I simply didn't 'get' how they would come to the outside wen sewn the way it was. Then finally it hid me: I thought I had to put both right sides together, but the wrong side of the 'placket' had to go to the right sight of the skirt. With that realization, I put the skirt to rest for a couple of hours. Otherwise, I would most definitely ruin it.

So after about 3 hours, I picked it back up and went on my merry way with sewing. I had a few more struggles with the sides of the pockets (still not a perfect finish, but it'll do) and the zipper. The zipper-struggle has more to do with the fact that this fabric is really thick and that I'm not used to inserting regular zippers. These days I find it easier to add an invisible one, due to all the dresses I make ;-)

So, the skirt was finished. I didn't really like how it fitted, but couldn't say what was wrong with it. So I went to show my husband. He looked at me strange and said: those pleats don't do exactly the same. One goes to the bottom of the dress and the other doesn't. That's just weird. So I looked at the skirt again and now I saw what was bothering me. I folded one of the inner pleats to the wrong sides'. Argh!!!

At that time I really hated this skirt. Why couldn't this one just cooperate and be as perfect as I imagined? So I got to know my seamripper even better as I worked my way through the front of the dress until I could turn said pleat in the right direction. I also took out the pleats in the back. Apparently, my but has grown over the years and I needed that extra fabric over there. The day after, I re-sewed the seams closed and Ta-Da! A skirt to be loved!

All-in-all: though I really like this pattern, I'm not sure I'll make it again. The instructions aren't clear, which caused me a lot of trouble with the pockets and I really did not like sewing this skirt. Wearing it is something different :-D

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